Explore Helsinki, Finland through local’s eyes. In this post, I will tell you all about the unique park, Alppiruusupuisto, in Haaga which is truly a Helsinki secret.

Alppiruusupuisto (Rhododendron Park or Rhodo Park) is situated in Haaga only 15 minutes away from the city center’s main train station. This is a unique eight-hectare park in Helsinki full of flowers which blooms only in June. For some reason, not many tourists have found this place. Even all of the Helsinki residents haven’t been in this park. What’s so special about Alppiruusupuisto? It used to be just a regular Finnish park full of pine trees and a swamp ground, but something changed in 1975. Helsinki University planted over 3000 Rhododendron in this area for research purposes. Apparently the researcher’s goal was to find the perfect variety which would be suitable for Finnish climate. Seems like they have succeeded because this park is a spectacular sight!

alppiruusupuisto pitkospuut

alppiruusu haaga

alppiruusupuisto haaga


Two sides of Alppiruusupuisto

alppiruusupuisto kartta

Alppiruusupuisto has two different sides which are divided by the city power lines. Both sides have viewing platforms and beautiful duckboard pathways. The northern section is full of colourful Azaleas. Some of the flowers have been planted as early as 1986. Azalea flowers give a powerful aroma in the air which you simply have to discover on-site. The other side of the park is more dramatic and gives immediately a wow factor for the visitor. Pink Rhododendrons combined with pine trees is a surreal contrast in Finland. When you walk in this park, you feel like in a whole different country! This park sure has a tropical paradise vibe to it. Sunshine rays and singing birds around you will sure make you smile. You can also spot many playful squirrels in the park if you are patient enough.

yellow azalea

alpiruusupuisto pitkospuut

pink azalea

atsalea alppiruusupuisto

How to get to Alppiruusupuisto?

The address to the main entrance of this park is Laajasuontie 40. If you drive here, notice that this public park doesn’t have a parking lot. You can just park beside the road near the park. If you take the public transportation the easiest way is to take a train (Y, X, U, L, E, A, P or I) from Helsinki’s main train station to Huopalahti station. Tickets are just few euros to the trains. Then just walk about 5 minutes from the train station to the park.

Other practical information about visiting Alppiruusupuisto

  • The best time to visit this park is usually from early June to Midsummer
  • Flowers tend to bloom differently in each year
  • Best about this public park is that it’s free for all visitors
  • There are two toilets in summer near the power lines
  • Park is wheelchair accessible
  • Dogs are allowed
  • You can take your bike and it’s also easy to navigate with baby strollers
  • There are several benches to rest
  • There are picnic spots so you can take snacks with you
  • Keep nature clean and use trashcans
  • For more information about this park, check out green hearts website.


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