The weather is unpredictable in early April but spring is the perfect time to visit Budapest. It might rain but the temperatures vary from 10-20 degrees, so if you’re lucky it might get very warm and sunny. Also in April the city turns in to a beautiful cotton candy pink because of the booming cherry blossom trees. 

My first day in Budapest was all about the panoramic views and exploring the local food culture but on my second day it was time to explore Budapest city a little closer.

After breakfast I took my backpack and walked to the world known Széchenyi Chain Bridge. This spectacular bridge is known to be the first bridge to connect the Buda and the Pest side. Apparently people could cross the both sides before the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, but after building this bridge it became official that the two sides were linked permanently. There are two lion statues on both ends of the bridge. This old suspension bridge truly comes alive in the evening when all the lights will lit up. It’s quite a romantic place that has inspired some people to even attach love locks.

solo traveler Szechenyi Chain Bridge

When you cross the Széchenyi Chain Bridge from Pest to Buda side, you can take a funicular up to Castle Hill. There was a line to the funicular so I decided to walk instead. Castle Hill is a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site to explore with all the pretty buildings and small cobbled streets. I found myself standing right next to the Buda Castle when I noticed the main entrance gate to the Royal Palace. The gate itself is a popular attraction to take some pictures.

castle hill budapest spring in budapest Buda castle gate Szechenyi Chain Bridge

After visiting the Buda Castle, I noticed something pink just around the corner. Toth Arpad Setany promenade was full of blooming cherry blossom trees! I saw a local woman enjoying the fresh air on her balcony and I thought to myself, wow what a place to live. In spring time if you are in Budapest make sure that you visit this picturesque place. There are plenty of park benches where you can relax and see local people walking their dogs and tourists passing by.

Toth Arpad Setany cherry blossom trees budapest view Toth Arpad Setany cherry blossom trees budapest When I was done admiring the cherry blossom trees, I went to eat some cake to a coffee place right next to Matthias Church. This church had a cool colourful tile roof but I was more interested in nearby Fisherman’s Bastion. This interesting building is over 100 years old and looked like something out of a Disney movie. No wonder it was full of tourist so come early in the morning or late in the evening if you want to visit here without the crowds.

Mathhias Church Budapest
Fishermans bastion budapest

If you’re not tired yet, walk along the Danube River (Bem Rakpart Street) for some great photo opportunities of the Hungarian Parliament Building. Cross the yellow Margaret Bridge and see a glimpse of Margaret Island. I didn’t visit the Island this time, but it looked like a green oasis.

solo traveler budapest

See you soon with more posts about Budapest!