I know it sounds cliché, but I really believe that travelling is the best way to spend your money after all the necessary needs like food and shelter. I’ll tell you why.

After you buy material things you feel happy for a short time, but I have noticed that travelling brings you joy for a longer period of time. It really feeds your soul. I still find myself now and then thinking of the trips that happened many years ago and they make me smile. Humans are definitely made for wandering!

Of course travelling isn’t always easy and there will be obstacles on your way and you have to face your fears. In the end, it’s all worth it. Travelling adds a beautiful layer or dimension in your life. You become more courageous and stronger. At least that what’s happened to me, when I had to communicate with strangers in different countries and experience their way of life. You realize that the world is huge and you are just a small part of it. It teaches you to be humble.

Don’t wait for other people to have the same goal, just do it yourself.

All my travels also inspire me to chase my dreams and make them a reality. Solo travelling is a perfect example of that. Don’t wait for other people to have the same goal, just do it yourself. I love to travel because it’s the time when I feel most alive and the best version of me.

The most important thing is that travelling allows you to take a break from busy life and you have a chance to think; Who are you? What are your goals? Where are you heading in life? What makes you happy?